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Learn how you can do what you love and do it better. Schedule an appointment with a nutritionist today.

$79 - Student Appointments
$199 - Discover Package
$350 - 5 Student Appointments
$449 - Basic Package (4 weeks)
$649 - New Foundations Package (3 months)
$849 - Nutrition Overhaul (6 months)

Sports Nutrition | Weight Management | Cardiovascular Health
Wellness Counseling | ViTL Detox

Other: Women's Health, Men's Health, Fertility, Family Care, Healthy Aging

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  • We develop a clear picture of your nutrient and activity needs from an extensive health and nutrition history intake. Then, we transform your needs into achievable lifestyle recommendations based on short- and long-term goals that we work with you to set. At ViTL Nutrition & Fitness, we believe education is fundamental to integrating dietary change into your lifestyle; we are committed to developing your understanding of everything food- and nutrition-related. The result is an individualized nutrition plan, including recommendations for follow-up appointments and referrals.
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