Some want it to happen. Others wish it would happen. Champions make it happen. Fuel like champions.

  • Increased energy levels throughout workouts and competitions


  • Heightened focus on and off the field


  • Faster gains from training


  • Speedier recoveries from activity and injury

  • Less days spent sidelined by illness


  • Satisfaction in the food you eat


  • Engrained practices for future health


  • Peace of mind from understanding science-based nutrition practices

Team Nutrition Management


Take your team to the next level while setting your players up for success on and off the field with a team nutritionist and nutrition program designed specifically for your needs. Presentations, workshops, cooking, menu planning, nutrition guides, one-on-one counseling, advanced analytics, newsletters, you name it - we assemble a program to give your team an edge over the competition.

Public Speaking & Presentations


Engaging, research-based seminars and discussions to empower your players, coaches, and families to cut through the chaos and take control of their nutrition once and for all. Let us transform the science of sports nutrition for you into food, meals, supplement advice, strategies, and more.

Cooking Workshops


Discussion, competitions, snack sampling, cooking, meal prep, handouts/recipes, and... EATING. Nutrition science can't be transformed any more than it is when you get to taste what you're talking about! Performance-powering nutrition is tastier, easier, and quicker than you think; you just need the right strategies, tools, tips, and tricks. Not to mention, these skills last a lifetime. Pizza? Can do! Cookies? Yes, please! Budget? No problem!

Case Studies: quick insights into real results


We don't just work with collegiate and professional athletes - here's a look at some of our work with youth programs:

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