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Weight Management

Are you struggling to lose or gain weight? Tired of yet another diet plan that doesn't work? It's time to achieve sustainable weight change by integrating sound nutrition practices with your lifestyle. Combine the right tools and strategies with a little motivation for change and it'll happen. More about our process >

>Meal planning around preferences and kitchen experience

>Meal and snack patterns throughout the day for weight change

>Changing weight without counting calories

>Strategies to achieve calorie and macronutrient needs

>Strategies to control hunger, satiety, and food volume

>Modifying recipes to add flavor and achieve needs

>Eating on a budget

>Quick, easy meal preparation for busy lifestyles

>Maintaining motivation, building habits, and making sustainable changes

>Selecting healthful meals at restaurants

>Considerations for vegetarians, vegans, and others

>Nutrition considerations for short-term success and long-term health

Frequent topics >

>Sustainable weight loss or gain

>Increased muscle mass and reduced body fat

>More restful sleep and better mood

>Fewer sick days taken from work

>Increased energy levels throughout the day

>Improved control of blood sugar

>Reduced risk of cancer and heart disease

>Reduced pain in your joints and back

>Reduced risk of bone fractures

>Satisfaction in the food you eat

>Positive relationships with the scale

>Engrained practices for long-term health

Common results >

Exercise is approximately 3.5-times less effective than exercise + dietary interventions for achieving weight change goals. That meant a difference of 7lbs vs. 24lbs over 4 months according to a meta-analysis of over 25 years of research (Miller et al, 1997).

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