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Simple macro adjustments evened out energy & jitteriness in European Tour qualifying golfer.

After limited results from both managing his own nutrition and following advice from “gurus” within major golf companies, B reduced jitteriness in AM sessions and increased “mental ease” mid-round by simply increasing protein and energy intake within a clearly structured approach to fueling with specific meals and snacks. Increasing protein intake at breakfast moderated digestion and energy fluctuations throughout the morning, leading to reduced feelings of jitteriness when practicing putting or on the course – something that previously focusing on complex carbohydrates or removing carbohydrate altogether failed to do. Fueling mid-round at planned intervals with moderately quick-digesting carbohydrate paired with protein and fat helped to further reduce energy swings, feelings of anxiousness, and improve what he referred to as “mental ease” and “neutrality” on the course – something that he was about to try addressing with CBD and other measures which would have failed to resolve the longer-term weight and strength fluctuations he was experiencing through tournaments and seasons as a result of periods of under- and over-fueling.

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