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Scholarship, spot on Team USA earned after U23 rower improved body composition & splits.

B, a collegiate lightweight rower worked to improve body composition, achieve weight stability, and improve times after struggling the previous season with making weight and stagnant performance. Achieving this led to a scholarship and a spot on Team USA where she competed at U23 World Championships. She also contributed to back-to-back National Championship wins for her school. Previous work with her school’s sports dietitian focusing on just “eating whole foods” and plate modeling proved unspecific and unhelpful to B and resulted in uncontrolled weight and extreme weight cuts throughout the previous season. We immediately established calorie and macronutrient targets specific to her training and fat loss needs during the off-season. Consistent monitoring and frequent check ins allowed us to work on food flexibility while continuing to lose weight (an important piece for weight stability and maintenance long-term). Over 3.5 months, B lost 8lbs fat mass, going from 19% body fat to 15% and brought her body weight down to a number that made it much easier and less stressful to make weight. Simultaneous work around nutrient timing and fueling strategies for training and race days resulted in some of the fastest splits on her lightweight team.


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