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60lb weight loss despite plateau & fear of "broken" metabolism

After achieving an impressive 30lb weight loss on her own, A reached out because of a frustrating 4-month plateau, convinced her metabolism was “broken” due to all the dieting she had done. Following a thorough rundown of A’s lifestyle and diet history, as well as an indirect calorimetry measurement (a device that measures metabolic rate), we reestablished intake goals that would be effective and sustainable for her to continue losing fat mass - metabolism decreases naturally in response to lower bodyweight, but by no means becomes “broken.” Because of this adaptation, A’s previous goals were no longer effective. Closer attention was brought to protein and vegetable intake, calorie distribution, as well as reliable self-monitoring practices. These, in conjunction with the new intake goals and consistent check-ins, helped A lose an additional 30lbs in 5 months. After switching over to maintenance intake, A has successfully maintained this 60lb total weight loss.


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