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Steady weight change after a single appointment focusing on nutrition needs, science & philosophy.

19lbs of weight loss and significant body recomposition were achieved over a year following a single nutrition appointment. Progress stalled after prior implementation of a habit-focused nutrition and weight loss app which prompted him to reach out. Different clients have different wants and needs – some we work with just once, others over time. Because his internal motivation, support system, and background habits were strong, simply providing a more clear picture of his nutrition needs and clarifying various nuances around weight loss were enough to see steady, satisfactory change: discussion included rates of weight loss, how to monitor and alter rate, altering energy intake with exercise fluctuations in terms of real food, balancing food volume (energy-density) with satisfaction, and flexibility with carbohydrate and fat intake during weight loss. Email check-ins showed progress through various challenges - reflective of someone who is self-efficacious and self-accountable - and follow-up appointments were not needed. Most recently: “I’ve picked up working out 4 days a week…. I went from 258 fitting an xxl looking like spandex to 256 and an xl fitting comfortably.”


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