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52 year old achieved 20lb weight loss, resolution of joint pain, despite lack of exercise

52 year old client, K, worked with us to lose 20lbs with zero exercise due to severe joint pain. Orthopedic doctors often recommend weight loss for overweight individuals experiencing joint pain – reducing the load on those joints can bring about relief. K had attempted to lose weight through various programs, but never found long-lasting success. We employed a flexible, servings-based model that allowed K to achieve a calorie deficit without the intense food restrictions required by previous programs. The inclusivity of this approach, plus a simple food log and frequent discussion and planning around each upcoming week, allowed K to be more consistent with her efforts – resulting in a 20lb weight loss in 6 months despite zero time spent exercising. This weight loss contributed to a complete resolution of joint pain and reintroduction of K’s favorite activity – hiking. The nutrition knowledge and flexibility gained from her consultations enabled K to successfully maintain this weight loss and remain pain-free for two years and counting.


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