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"Impossible metabolism” gained 1lb in 1st week, 22lbs overall, signed football contract.

Consistent energy intake day to day as well as a better understanding of nutrition needs early in the day enabled this wideout to earn the opportunity to support his livelihood through football. He had a self-proclaimed impossibly high metabolism that previous family members and nutritionists had failed to overcome with tools ranging from plate models to meal plans and more… which only led him to further believe his metabolism was too high to gain the weight he needed to reduce injury risk and increase strength and speed. By increasing consistency of high energy intake from 5 days a week to all 7, as well as incorporating more food earlier in the day via a highly accurate and specific servings-based food model that enabled him to eat according to food availability and preferences and sub foods in/out as desired, this player broke his “hard gainer” mentality in the first week and proceeded to put on 22 pounds. Nobody’s metabolism is too high to gain weight and nobody’s metabolism is too low to lose weight.


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