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High school lightweight rower recovers from hospitalization to set PRs, earn scholarship.

Hydration, carbohydrate intake, and timing strategies were crucial to rebuilding this rower’s confidence during training following uncontrollable bouts of vomiting and passing out during a 2k erg competition. Unstructured nutrition in the days leading up to the competition exacerbated by a school trip led to dehydration, low glycogen stores, and severe consequences. As we worked to improve his nutrition knowledge and structure – especially with how he thought about “healthy” food, fueling training, and weight management – he began to respond better to training and feel better both during and after which instilled the confidence necessary in his body to push his 2k time back below 7:00 then 6:40 then to his previous PR of 6:34 then below 6:30 and eventually to 6:23. He overcame serious challenges to earn a collegiate scholarship, become nationally competitive, and earn strong considerations within Team USA development camps.


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