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Redefining goals & moving away from weight loss helped young female adult achieve health & happiness

A crucial step we take during the nutrition counseling process is ensuring our client’s goals align with their true priorities and desires. When these aren’t in sync, it can feel exceedingly difficult to make progress. This was a big factor for O – a client in her mid-20’s who always felt the need to lose weight. Because she so strongly wanted to decrease fat mass, we went ahead with realistic goals that enabled her to steadily lose 7 lbs over 4 months. However, it became clear that some of the concessions made socially to achieve this were not worth the effort for more drastic weight change - O thrived when spending time and sharing food with friends, and it was important that this aspect of her life remain largely unaffected. Instead of continuing to push weight loss and potentially lead to burn out and failure, we pivoted goals – instead focusing on eating to support health and exercise rather than just weight change. When this became the focus, O was easily able to achieve goals set around hydration, vegetable and fiber intake, cooking, nutrient timing, and more. A simple reevaluation of goals and priorities helped her become more excited and motivated to improve nutrition, expanding her view beyond weight change and ensuring health in all aspects of her life. It's no coincidence that this in turn led to improved performance and body composition in the years after her initial consult.


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