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SEAL contract: nutrient timing & supplement strategies improved performance over 6 weeks.

Optimization of pre- and mid-exercise nutrition strategies had immediate and drastic impacts on performance, increasing power output and time to fatigue and reducing mild feelings of GI distress and nausea in a high-intensity, mid-duration physical test (the Navy PST). R’s daily high energy needs led him to a high(er)-fat diet; he also tended to eat plenty of vegetables… two things that are not poor habits, but, consumed in the hours and minutes leading up to near-maximal efforts can slow energy utilization and increase the chance of stomach upset as fat and fiber crowd out carbohydrate intake and slow gastric emptying. By adjusting pre-test nutrient intake within portable, easy-to-prep food considerations and incorporating caffeine ingestion as well as chronic beta-alanine supplementation and mid-test carbohydrate intake, R improved an extra 5.1% beyond his trends and projected to 4th vs. 28th out of 115 (for BUD/S class 300 provided by SEAL+SWCC) and earned his opportunity to enter boot camp and BUD/S training for the Navy SEAL program.


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