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Education, diet flexibility helped strength athlete achieve fat loss, muscle gain cycles

S spent most of her 20’s hopping from one fad diet to the next, which slowly led to a strong belief that foods were either “good” or “bad” for health (despite no long-term success with these diets). After getting involved in power- and weightlifting, S contacted us for help finding a more effective and sustainable way to support performance and body composition changes (muscle gain and fat loss) in alignment with her training goals. Sessions that focused heavily on nutrition education around sports performance and body composition helped move S away from “good food/bad food” mentality as she learned how all foods can contribute to her goals. This shift to a more inclusive and flexible approach to eating resulted in several successful cycles of both muscle gain and fat loss as she was able to achieve calorie and macronutrient targets more consistently. Most recently S added an impressive 10 lbs of lean tissue and lost 18 lbs fat mass over a 4.5-month time period.


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