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Reducing “healthy” fat intake improved digestion and weight loss.

R broke through a weight loss plateau and resolved urgency and minor oily diarrhea with bowel movements at work as well as infrequent bloating after meals after our dietary recall showed that his intake of nuts was quite high at lunch and snacks, reportedly to “increase protein intake and eat healthy.” While nuts can be an excellent source of unsaturated fats and fiber, which support health in a variety of ways, they are not a strong source of protein* and are quite energy- (or calorie-) dense. And, excessive fat intake can aggravate digestion leading to reflux (heartburn), diarrhea, and steatorrhea (oily stools). After moderating nut consumption with lunches and snacks lower in fat and supportive of weight loss that could be easily packed or bought at work, R reported complete resolution of digestive issues and weight loss improving to ~1 pound per week. He and his naturopathic physician were initially considering IgG allergy testing and an elimination diet given his challenges (which can be quite costly to both quality of life and finances), and both were avoided.


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