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Resolution of psoriasis and migraines coincided with comprehensive approach to weight and wellness.

L, a mother of two and business-owner, reached out to ViTL to help her lose weight. She also presented with migraine headaches and psoriasis (an immune- and inflammation-mediated skin condition), which had not responded well to medication. Excess adiposity (fat tissue) as seen in overweight individuals is itself pro- inflammatory and diets that support this excess also tend to be pro-inflammatory. Weight reduction strategies resulting in a loss of 22 pounds in 14 weeks were achieved alongside other measures supportive of inflammation such as increased intake of vegetables, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and probiotics. Migraine symptoms fell from ~2 per week to 1 per month in the first month, and then no reports occurred thereafter. Skin redness – a constant throughout her adult life – began showing signs of improvement between 5 and 10% bodyweight loss and was almost completely unnoticeable at 6 months post-initial weight loss. L was able to avoid elimination of gluten and dairy despite these being possible triggers for psoriasis in some individuals.


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