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Sports Nutrition

Support training and recovery by integrating the latest science into your athletic programs. Learn how foods, supplements, and nutrient timing can elevate your game. Nutritional optimization is one of the least-utilized but most important paths to achieving excellence on and off the field as an athlete. More about our process >

>Pre-, during-, and post-exercise nutrition for optimal performance

>Safe and effective use of supplements

>Meal planning for training periodization and out-of-town events

>Eating on a budget

>Quick, easy meal preparation for busy lifestyles

>Powering performance at restaurants

>Hydration protocols and monitoring strategies

>Eating for training versus competition

>Considerations for vegetarian athletes

>Eating for injury and rehabilitation

>Nutrition considerations for short-term success and long-term health

>Referrals for coordination of care with healthcare providers and other performance specialists

Frequent topics >

>Increased muscle mass and reduced body fat

>Increased energy levels throughout workouts and competition

>Heightened focus on and off the field

>Speedier recovery from activity and injury

>Less days spent sidelined by illness

>Reduced food costs

>Elimination of stomach upset during activity

>Reduced risk of cramps

>Improved weight control and positive relationships with the scale

>Satisfaction in food choices

>Engrained practices for future health

Common results >

"Proper nutrition and changes in the athlete's habitual diet should be considered first

when improved performance is the goal." 


                   -Position of the National Athletic Trainers' Association, 2013

Some of the places our amateur athletes perform

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